There is No “Right” Way

It is a challenge to sit and think not on writing as a product, a completed manuscript, poem, or prose piece, but as a process in and of itself. Countless have tried to lay out a “formula” or mode which they believe all can use to create a great piece… Read more

Sister Writes at Jessie’s

Sister Writes was founded over eight years ago to facilitate the expression of women who have faced barriers to participation in the arts. For the last eight years, we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with participants from over 25 countries from the ages of 18 to 78. Since 2010,… Read more

Six Years of Magazines

Did you know that Sister Writes has been publishing magazines for eight years? With at least ten stories per issue, that’s almost 100 original stories. We have been awed by the range of experiences these stories tell. Motherhood. Addiction. Homelessness. Falling in Love. Out of Love. Work. Grief. Friendship. Love.… Read more

The Muse

For the longest time I was unclear about the term “muse.” What did it mean to have a muse and did I have one? I felt as a writer, that I should know this instinctively, but I didn’t and it seemed an embarrassing question to ask. So I did some… Read more

To the Library and Archives of Canada!

Sister Writes is excited about a new step in the evolution of our literary magazine: we are now part of the permanent collections at the Library and Archives of Canada! Earlier this year, we applied for and got an ISSN number, which recognizes us as a professional magazine publication in Canada.… Read more

Poetry as Bestseller

“my heart woke me crying last night how can i help i begged my heart said write the book.” This is a quotation from the flyleaf of Canadian poet and artist Rupi Kaur’s collection, milk and honey. Kaur’s writing is raw, stripped bare, sounding as if her heart is beating out the rhythm… Read more

Belgian Waffles

I’ve been struggling with focus these last few weeks. The images that march through my mind are like a series of blurry photographs. People’s faces are indistinct; colours bleed into each other. Fuzzy image writing is unclear. The sentences read like those in a travel brochure- sanitized for as large… Read more

Channeling Jack Kerouac

I have been rescued from my writing funk by Jack Kerouac and the Beats who wrote howled and sang lashing out against the established order, who reached for the sky thought outside the box, were arrested and wrote from jail, who, in their defiance, still had hope and published books… Read more


The book fell off my shelf and into my hands last month. It was a novel my sister read and passed to me in 2002. That was a tough year. I was newly separated from my partner, had lost my beloved Bluey whom I’d raised from a kitten, and I… Read more


“There are a lot of ways for a novelist to create suspense, but also really only two: one a trick, one an art. The trick is to keep a secret. Or many secrets, even. The art meanwhile, the thing that makes Pride and Prejudice so superbly suspenseful…is to write stories… Read more