‘Tis the Season to Write

I feel like a walking Christmas tree. My emotions, like bright shiny ornaments, are on display for all to see. My fingers and toes are tingling and sensitive to the touch, like the prickly branches of a fragrant pine. I cry easily. Strolling through the Toronto Christmas Market I see… Read more


I received my first rejection letter this week, for some poems I’d sent to a Canadian literary magazine. I don’t feel disappointed as much as relieved that I have reached another writing milestone. I’m proud of the fact that I had the courage to send the poems off to be judged.… Read more


I have turned a corner in my writing. I didn’t hear blaring trumpets or see explosions of light before my eyes; it was a soft and subtle sea change. I felt a quiet settling in myself. The various parts of me, the visible – like my skin, my face, my… Read more

OUT LOUD! 2015

“How much comes down to dealing with the fear?” I wrote this line in my journal on Saturday October 17, an hour before OUT LOUD! 2015 — the Sister Writes sponsored LGBTQ creative writing conference for youth — got underway. I was thinking not just about fear of writing and sharing that writing, but the… Read more

Freedom in Structure

The last two weeks have been challenging; extra hours at work, commitments in the evenings, visits to family. I didn’t write as much as I usually do. I started to feel anxious and worried about missing deadlines. When I did sit down to write, my thinking was scattered. How to… Read more

OUT LOUD 2016!

OUT LOUD 2016! is our upcoming creative writing conference for LGBTQ youth happening on Saturday October 17, 2015. A full day of hands-on workshops creative writing by acclaimed writers Ben Ladouceur, Lauren Kirshner, Vivek Shraya and Zoe Whittall, the event is open to youth 14-24 and will be held at Glad… Read more

Artist Date

A good “date” is fun, has some unexpected moments and makes you feel alive. When it ends, you hope that you’ll be able to spend some time with that person again. An artist date is no different except that the person you go out with is yourself.

Fall 2015 Workshops

The Sister Writes fall 2015 workshop is almost here – click on the poster for more information!    

Roller Coaster

I love the CNE. My house is a ten minute walk from the grounds. When the Ex opens next week, there will be eighteen days of -glorious, schmaltzy, noisy, greasy, crowded, lively- fun, going on right in my own backyard. I can’t wait. I’ll be able to stroll along the… Read more

Summer is Here!

I have been writing this blog for six months. I began in deepest, darkest January, huddled at my desk looking out to swirling snow and today, in mid-July, am sitting, notebook in hand at the beach, arms open wide to the sun and to the cooling breeze off the lake.… Read more