Books that Have Inspired

I am thrilled to be posting this piece because it features writing from some of my fellow Sister Writers. I have the pleasure of mingling each week with a talented group of women who, like all of us, strive to write their truth with grace and courage. Each woman who contributed… Read more

Honouring the Past…and the Future

Someone asked me last week, about my intentions as a writer. What was my goal? Did I expect to earn money with my writing? I stammered and mumbled something about the process being more important than the end result. It’s a legitimate question though, isn’t it? What do I want… Read more

Writing the Back Story

I have just finished rereading a story I wrote a few months ago. It’s not terrible, but there’s something wrong. There is a beginning, middle and end. There is a conflict and a resolution. I described the setting in loving detail. There is a touch of magic in the story’s plot. And… Read more

Getting the Writing Done – A Short List

This has been a tough week for writing. Even my “10 minutes a day” rule seemed onerous. I found myself facing that old fear of running out of time. But not having enough time is an illusion. We all have 24 hours in our day; that never changes. What happened… Read more

Spring 2015 Advanced Workshop

Sister Writes is excited to announce the launch of its first-ever advanced creative writing workshop. A two day intensive, the Advanced Writing Workshop will provide a space for ten women writers who are working towards the completion of a short story and want the feedback and support of peers.

When Things Go Wrong

Last spring, on a visit to my Dad in Gravenhurst, I dropped my phone face-down on the cement as I stepped out of the car. The glass screen splintered into an intricate spider web pattern. The phone still worked, but for a few days afterwards, I had bloody fingertips as tiny… Read more

Write What You Don’t Know

How do you take what you know, your real-life experience, and turn it into fiction? This is a question I have been wrestling with. When I wrote my story, “The Sweater,” for Sister Writes (the Sister Writes magazine), I struggled with telling the “truth” versus telling the “story.” One of… Read more

A Writing Community

Julia Cameron concludes her book, The Artist’s Way, with an appendix that offers guidelines for creating a “sacred circle”; a supportive community for artists. I confess that when I began taking my writing seriously a few years ago, and picked up Cameron’s book, I avoided this section. I wasn’t ready to… Read more


Last week I had a case of the “vulnerability blues.” My palms were sweaty, my heart raced, my stomach churned and a voice inside my head said over and over: “You call yourself a writer? Who are you kidding?” Yes, it was bad. When this blog went live on the… Read more


Words are powerful. If I didn’t believe that, I don’t think I could be a writer. Powerful writing triggers an emotional response by speaking to our five senses- sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell. Our reaction to potent writing is immediate and not always easy to explain. This is because it’s… Read more