Creating the Details

Writing memoir seems deceptively easy. We all know our own stories. And each of us has a unique voice. But memoir is not autobiography. The goal is not to start at the beginning and write your story from birth to the present. By definition, memoir focuses on a particular event… Read more

More on Character

In a previous post, “Writing the Back Story”, I talked about the benefit of writing a mini bio for a character. I was struggling with making characters come alive on the page. Here is part two. I am revisiting this subject because it is one of the most challenging for… Read more

Community Workshop

Kicking off our series of Outreach Workshops, join us for a hands-on creative writing workshop at Women’s Health in Women’s Hands, an agency serving women in Toronto.

Spring Writing Practice

If you stepped outside today, Sunday April 12, in Toronto, you felt spring as a living, breathing, awakening force. The April air had a three dimensional quality I can best describe as joy. It suffused the faces of every person I encountered. It bubbled up and spilled over in laughter… Read more

Editing and Revision

I have been ruthlessly self-editing and revising this post. I broke one of my own rules by not allowing myself the luxury of free writing for as long as necessary to get all of my ideas and thoughts down on paper where I could then rearrange and rewrite and come… Read more

Upcoming Community Workshops

Our year of Sister Writes outreach workshops continues with four upcoming events for women in the community.  Cindy, Donna, Clarissa, and T1B1, who are also members of the program, facilitate. Expect fun and inspiring writing prompts, hands-on activities and discussions, and writing tips to jump-start your creative process. April 21,… Read more

Are you Waiting or Writing?

I am writing this post from Southwest Florida. I am working. I am caring for a dear friend who is 85 years young. His determination to live fully despite dealing with Alzheimers, makes my heart swell. Here in this tropical place, life, lush and loud, is on 24 hour display. Everything… Read more

Books that Have Inspired

I am thrilled to be posting this piece because it features writing from some of my fellow Sister Writers. I have the pleasure of mingling each week with a talented group of women who, like all of us, strive to write their truth with grace and courage. Each woman who contributed… Read more

Honouring the Past…and the Future

Someone asked me last week, about my intentions as a writer. What was my goal? Did I expect to earn money with my writing? I stammered and mumbled something about the process being more important than the end result. It’s a legitimate question though, isn’t it? What do I want… Read more

Writing the Back Story

I have just finished rereading a story I wrote a few months ago. It’s not terrible, but there’s something wrong. There is a beginning, middle and end. There is a conflict and a resolution. I described the setting in loving detail. There is a touch of magic in the story’s plot. And… Read more