The Work Issue

The Work Issue exhibition is a mini documentary that explores the unsung experiences (and inequalities) of women’s work. Voiced by the writers and illustrated by accompanying images of work interpreted by artist Valeryia Kopeleva, The Work Issue exhibition brings you stories by waitresses and call centre workers, nannies and hotel staff, and others in the service industry.

Sister Writes at Jessie’s

For eight weeks in 2018, Sister Writes worked with an extraordinary group of young mothers at Jessie’s, The June Callwood Centre. The result was a magazine of remarkable stories and a video voiced by the women themselves.

Telling Objects

The objects we choose to hold on to say a lot, often telling stories about us and the world we inhabit. In many ways, we are our own museums, collecting and caring for the objects we hold dear.

The Art of Writing

A piece of writing is a work of art, but so is the process that brings it into being. An exhibit and week-long launch of the Sister Writes magazine, The Art of Writing, celebrated both the verb and the noun: the writers process of writing as well as the writing they produce.