How to Recognize and Honour Your Truth as a Writer

Each time I write, I picture an audience. Sometimes it’s the general public, other times it’s a team of Archeologists who unearth my notebook thousands of years from now. Do I worry what conclusions they might draw about me, or the people of our time based on my love of… Read more

Work Issue Launch

Women’s work is unique because it is not always clearly defined.  There tends to be more emphasis on paid labour, rather than the invisible work associated with housework, parenting and caregiving.  Many women are working a double day. This is not always valued or recognized. This issue of Sister Writes pays… Read more

Winter 2020 Workshop – Registration is Now Open

Sister Writes is now accepting new registrants for The Writing Workshop beginning in late January 2020. As the longest running Sister Writes program, The Writing Workshop is for women who love to write.

Nine Years of Magazines

Did you know that Sister Writes has been publishing magazines for nine years? With at least ten stories per issue, that’s almost 100 original stories. We have been awed by the range of experiences these stories tell. Motherhood. Addiction. Homelessness. Love. Heartbreak. Work. Grief. Friendship. Love. What these stories have… Read more

Poetry or Prose?

“Poetry looks like a wrinkled old woman hunched over in a chair tapping her cane as she contemplates the end of a journey, perhaps she glistens with tears at the journey well done. Prose has a tendency to be long winded meandering joyfully to the waterfall,” says award-winning Cree poet,… Read more

Sister Writes Wins Award

We’re delighted to announce that Sister Writes is the recipient of an Arts Bridges Award for Remarkable Achievement in Community Arts. The Award recognizes the contributions Sister Writes has made over the past nine years to community arts and creative writing programming in the community. It’s wonderful to receive this recognition… Read more

Writing Tips for Perfectionists

“Writing is a muscle that needs to be exercised!” I’m not sure who came up with that inspiring little tidbit, but they obviously didn’t take into account the number of canceled gym memberships out there. When you’re a perfectionist, the thought of writing on a daily basis can feel overwhelming.… Read more

How to Establish a Writing Routine

We need many things to become productive writers, such as inspiration, creativity, dedication, and an open mind. However, the most important and indispensable thing that a writer needs is a writing routine.

There is No “Right” Way

It is a challenge to sit and think not on writing as a product, a completed manuscript, poem, or prose piece, but as a process in and of itself. Countless have tried to lay out a “formula” or mode which they believe all can use to create a great piece… Read more

Sister Writes at Jessie’s

Sister Writes was founded over eight years ago to facilitate the expression of women who have faced barriers to participation in the arts. For the last eight years, we’ve had the pleasure of working closely with participants from over 25 countries from the ages of 18 to 78. Since 2010,… Read more

The Muse

For the longest time I was unclear about the term “muse.” What did it mean to have a muse and did I have one? I felt as a writer, that I should know this instinctively, but I didn’t and it seemed an embarrassing question to ask. So I did some… Read more