Welcome to Sister Writes

Since 2010, Sister Writes has built community around stories. Through creative writing workshops, public arts events, and literary magazines, we strive to empower women, provide mentorship, and inspire the community with vital stories about women’s lives.

To the Library and Archives of Canada!

Sister Writes is excited about a new step in the evolution of our literary magazine: we are now part of the permanent collections at the Library and Archives of Canada! Earlier this year, we applied for and got an ISSN number, which recognizes us as a professional magazine publication in Canada.… Read more

Launch of 2.3. and 2.4

Sister Writes recently launched two new magazines Sister Writes 2.3 and 2.4 — it’s been quite the whirlwind of activity here! If you didn’t get a chance to join us at our launch on Saturday January 14,  you can also read new magazines in our archive. In the meantime, scroll down to see some… Read more

Sister Writes in the Media

“Here, tucked away in a Bloordale Village library, a group of women create a home where all voices are heard and opinions are valid. And through the scratching of pens, the flipping of pages and the quiet coughs of contemplation, they speak.” Sister Writes is the subject of a feature… Read more