Welcome to Sister Writes

Since 2010, Sister Writes has built community around stories. Through creative writing workshops, public arts events, and literary magazines, we strive to empower women, provide mentorship, and inspire the community with vital stories about women’s lives.

Portraits and Words: The Art of Writing

A piece of writing is a work of art, but so is the process that brings it into being. In 2015, Sister Writes launched an exhibition, The Art of Writing, which celebrated both the verb and the noun: the writers process of writing as well as the writing they produce.… Read more

Sister Writes on the Road

Sister Writes on the Road is our newest program, currently under development. The vision: to bring the skill-building, empowering and creative programs we’ve been offering in Toronto since 2010 all the way across Ontario. From Hamilton to Sioux Lookout, Bracebridge to Napanee, London to Cornwall, Sister Writes on the Road… Read more

Launch of Sister Writes 2017

Coming soon…Sister Writes’ 2017 launch! We’ll be publishing our event details in the coming days, but in the meantime, here’s a sneak peek at our new magazine. With cover art painted by Marsha Matheson, and designed by Virginia LeBlanc, we’re particularly proud of this year’s magazine, which has not one,… Read more

The Muse

For the longest time I was unclear about the term “muse.” What did it mean to have a muse and did I have one? I felt as a writer, that I should know this instinctively, but I didn’t and it seemed an embarrassing question to ask. So I did some… Read more

Hey Sister, Write!

There I was. A hot summer night in Toronto, after The Meal Trans Social at the 519 (the local LGBTQ+ Community Centre). On my way back to the Transitional housing shelter that had taken me in on my darkest moment (when life throws you around a little and you find… Read more