Welcome to Sister Writes

Since 2010, Sister Writes has built community around stories. Through creative writing workshops, public arts events, and literary magazines, we strive to empower women, provide mentorship, and inspire the community with vital stories about women’s lives.


Channeling Jack Kerouac

I have been rescued from my writing funk by Jack Kerouac and the Beats who wrote howled and sang lashing out against the established order, who reached for the sky thought outside the box, were arrested and wrote from jail, who, in their defiance, still had hope and published books… Read more


Winter Session Registration Now Open

The winter session of Sister Writes is now open for registration. Starting in January, you’ll get 12 weeks of hands-on workshops, mentorship from professional women writers, and interactive sessions with writer peers. If you’re looking to pick up some writing skills, tell your story, give and receive feedback and publish a literary… Read more


Frequently Asked Questions

Curious to learn more about Sister Writes? Wondering what the Writing Workshop is? Want to know how a typical workshop session unfolds? Need to get a print copy of our magazine? We’ve recently added an informative  “frequently asked questions” section.” We hope you’ll check it out!